Salla E-Commerce Platform - Introduction


The landscape of e-commerce is rapidly and ever evolving, dominated by giants like Shopify, WooCommerce, and many more. However, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) faced a peculiar problem. It was the lack of personalized solutions for their unique and specific demands. This problem was then addressed by two pioneers, Nawaf Hariri, and Salman Butt who embarked on the groundbreaking journey in 2016 to solve this problem head-on with the innovation of the Salla E-Commerce Platform. The mission was very simple, to create an online shopping haven experience that blended technology with culture and rendered a seamless experience to Arab entrepreneurs and helped them become more competitive in the digital marketplace. 

The Salla Difference

Salla is headquartered in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. It quickly rose to prominence as the leading e-commerce platform in the nation. Why? It was the comprehensive set of tools that equipped entrepreneurs to jumpstart their businesses and also expand and manage them overseas across varied sectors. Salla attracted ginormous attention in terms of investment immediately with several entities like Raed Ventures, Vision Ventures, Inspire Ventures, and DIC ready to pump approximately $8.5 million in the very inaugural seed funding round itself.

The Salla Effect

Salla Ecommerce Platform was a gateway to a plethora of products, be it from home goods and digital products to beauty supplies and handcrafted artifacts. But the wonder did not cease to just products, it also encumbered the tools and support that was extended with them. Salla Partner Portal caters as a centralized hub, offering several in-house tools developed as a compass for the ever-changing e-commerce landscape. Be it setting up the online stores with the Salla Basic package, or managing the marketing trends with the Salla Coupons to more, the Salla suite ensured that entrepreneurs had everything at their disbursal to grow their online marketplace at their fingertips.

The Salla Touch

Salla has three different packages: the Salla Basic, Salla Pro, and Salla Plus for enterprises of different sizes. While Salla Basic provides all the essential functionalities for the online store at zero cost, the Pro and Plus versions extend additional features like unlimited products, multiple shipment services unlimited products, and more. This flexible framework enables store owners to scale their business as per the particular requirements of the business. 

The Salla High

There is no room for doubt that Salla had a great impact on the Saudi Arabian marketplace. With more than 16 billion in sales and more than 45000 active online stores, Salla is the pioneer trusted partner across the MENA region. Who is driving its success? It is a dedicated, diligent, and talented team of more than 350 professionals across versatile domains who envision delivering unparalleled experiences of holistic enrichment to both customers and employees alike. 

The Salla Future

Innovation is the inherent core of the Salla e-commerce platform. It offers a plethora of features that help developers enhance the experience and operations of merchants and developers alike. From Mahaly, which is a centralized hub for browsing thousands of products to the Salla App Store, it is a cumulative collection of apps developed to improve the functionality of the store. Salla guarantees that businesses have access to cutting edge solutions. It also provides developers by facilitating detailed documentation and resources for developers to get the best out of the platform. 

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The Salla Breakthrough

There is no success, without a little hindrance right? Salla however revolutionary is not immune to it. The Salla e-commerce platform encounters heavy competition in the MENA e-commerce scape, pushing up continuous updates and expansions to surpass customer demands. It also continues its steadfast objective in small and medium business entities, weaponizing with the perfect set of tools to thrive in the digital marketplace. 

The Salla Future

As Salla continues to reach beyond the binary e-commerce experience in the MENA region, we can say that the digital marketplace of the region looks promising. With its sincere emphasis on innovation, customization, and focus on the customer. Continuing to delve deeper into this prospect with a trusted agency for e-commerce web design in Saudi Arabia will also help you redefine the boundaries of e-commerce excellence with the success chartered by your brand. 

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